Harley-Davidson has announced two new CVO models that will be unveiled in Budapest and Milwaukee as part of Harley-Davidson's 120th anniversary celebrations.

The Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide: dynamism and modernity.

The redesigned Batwing fairing of the CVO Street Glide now looks even more dynamic.  The windshield has been angled more sharply, while the headlight and underlying bead and turn signals have been given a new design.  Despite retaining the classic T-shape, the silhouette now appears more modern.  The fairing blends seamlessly with the lines of the tank, side covers and trunks.  The new, omega-shaped signature headlight and the side-mounted light strips, which integrate the turn signals, ensure a high level of recognition.


The Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide: Aggressive update of the Sharknose design

The new fairing on the CVO Road Glide represents a bold evolution of the previous Sharknose design and blends harmoniously with the silhouette defined by the tank, side covers and panniers.  The wide LED headlight emphasizes the horizontal and visually recalls the two elements that previously defined the style of the Sharknose trim.  The turn signals are now integrated into the outer sections of the distinctive lighting fixture.


A tribute to craftsmanship and style: Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO)

Since 1999, Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) has been synonymous with exclusive, limited-edition motorcycles that are unparalleled in performance, style, looks, craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Over time, Harley-Davidson designers and engineers have continued to refine and optimize the motorcycles to provide a unique riding experience while honoring the brand’s long history and style icons.


The new 2023 CVO models: Innovation, design and technology

This year, Harley-Davidson will introduce two new CVO bikes designed to impress with an exclusive design, cutting-edge technology and impressive performance.  Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, explains, ” With the introduction of the new CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models, we have completely redesigned two of Harley-Davidson’s most iconic models, pushing the boundaries of CVO once again.  These are fundamentally new concepts that we are using to usher in a new era of innovation, design and technology.  They elevate both Custom Vehicle Operations products and the riding experience on a Grand American Touring Bike to a new level.  The 2023 model year CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide set new standards for the ultimate Harley-Davidson riding experience.”


Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson vice president of design and creative director, adds, ” The all-new yet unmistakably Harley signature design creates an even and dynamic visual flow from the front fender to the trunks.  The look of the CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide represents evolution while also being revolutionary, as we have visually changed more than ever before.  Like all Harley-Davidson motorcycles, these two new models are meant to convey timeless desire.”


Features of both models:

  • New Design
  • New Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 engine
  • New chassis
  • New infotainment system
  • Two paint and finish options


More details on these exciting new models will be announced on June 7, 2023.  Don’t miss your chance to experience these impressive and exclusive motorcycles at the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Events in Budapest and Milwaukee.


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Anstehende Veranstaltungen

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

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