The new generation of the Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide impresses with a modernized design and technical optimizations. With a sleeker look, new riding modes, an improved infotainment system and a choice of paint finishes, it represents a fresh era in Harley-Davidson history.

Refined design meets improved technology

The Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide is known for its iconic designs and the latest generation is no exception.  With the incorporation of some modern design elements, Harley-Davidson is showing a new way.  Among the new features are fairings with integrated vents and LED light sources, a slimmer front fender and a redesigned fuel tank.


Diverse paint options

For paint, buyers of the CVO Street Glide have a choice of “Dark Platinum with Bright Smoked Satin Pinstriping” or an optional “Two-Tone Version” in “Whiskey Neat & Raven Metallic.”


Performance improvements

In terms of performance, Harley-Davidson has turned a few screws.  By using the new Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 V-twin engine, the machine is said to offer improved handling characteristics.  In addition, the curb weight of the CVO Street Glide has been reduced by 14 kg compared to previous models, which should have an impact on handling and efficiency.


Selectable riding modes and improved infotainment

A new addition to the model family, the CVO Street Glide offers selectable riding modes – “Road,” “Sport” and “Rain” – that electronically control specific combinations of power delivery and engine braking torque, as well as the intensity of cornering anti-lock braking system and cornering traction control interventions.

In addition, Harley-Davidson has also upgraded in the infotainment area.  The CVO Street Glide features a new system based on the Skyline OS, and a 12.3-inch color TFT touchscreen replaces the analog instruments and most of the mechanical switches.


Availability and presentation

The new Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide will be unveiled during the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Festival and the Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival and is expected to be available in August 2023.


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