With the Bronx, Harley-Davidson introduces for the first time a streetfighter on the market, which will be equipped with a completely new engine. It is expected to be in the trade by the end of 2020.

The Bronx was created under the new motto “More Roads to Harley-Davidson”. Harley wants to break new ground and win new customers.

The new model is powered by an equally new engine called “Revolution Max”. A high elasticity, a wide usable speed range, revving and powerful performance should distinguish it.

To centralize the masses (which ensures better handling), the engine is integrated into the frame as a load-bearing part. By comparison, it has a slim design and low weight. A balancer shaft reduces vibrations.


The liquid-cooled engine is to be built in different sizes and is still under development:

Revolution Max 1250 – Development Goals

  • Displacement: 1250 cm³
  • Performance: more than 145 hp
  • Maximum torque: over 90 ft. Lbs. (122 Nm)


Revolution Max 975 – Development Goals

  • Displacement: 975 cc
  • Performance: more than 115 hp
  • Maximum torque: over 70 ft. Lbs. (95 Nm)


Revolution Max – technical features

  • V-twin engine with liquid cooling
    • Since 1909, V-Twin engines have been at the heart of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The company is continuing this tradition with the new Revolution Max engine in the medium displacement segment.
    • A 60 degree cylinder angle accommodates two throttle bodies in down draft, providing a high intake volume and powerful performance.
    • The liquid cooling keeps the temperature difference of individual engine parts low regardless of the outside temperature and driving situation.


The Revolution Max should in future be the basis of a completely new model family. In order to equip them better, cooperations were concluded with Brembo and Michelin. For the Bronx and also for the first adventure bike of Harley-Davidson, Pan America


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