HardEnduroSeries Germany: Grande Finale on Saturday in Schwepnitz – Riders from 6 nations on the grid

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Foto: DG Design / Denis Günther & TK420 / Toni Keller

Only one more run is on the program in the long season of the HardEnduroSeries Germany. After the season started on 30.03. in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz, now on Saturday 19.10.2019 the seventh and last run in Schwepnitz in Eastern Saxony awaits the participants and fans.

HardEnduroSeries Germany: Grande Finale on Saturday in Schwepnitz – Riders from 6 nations on the grid

The Quadpoint Schwepnitz e.V. has put a lot of effort into the final run. Last year, the young club had jumped in as a replacement and had already received very good reviews. The team around Patrick Jentsch had much more preparation time for this year’s final, which was also fully used: “The track is 95% finished, we are still taking care of the rest of the work this week so that everything is ready by Friday noon. We have opened up many new obstacles and sections to last year and we are sure that the level will rise again”.
The race day traditionally starts with the prologue at 10.00 am, followed by the group race at 12.00 am and the grand finale at 17.30 pm (live on the Facebook page of the HardEnduroSeries Germany). The schedule for the final has been stretched a bit, because thanks to the fire brigade the final course will be illuminated, so that the finish will take place in the darkness.
With the new schedule there will be more time for the FunnelWebFilter autograph session from 16:30 and the first Isegrim Kids Race at 16:00.
In the evening the big award ceremony follows followed by the master ceremony from 20.15 o’clock. At the end of the day there will be a live concert with the band AutumnFalls until OpenEnd. Admission to the motorsport facility Altes Tanklager Schwepnitz is free on the entire race day.

Class instead of mass

The online entry is still possible until Thursday at https://www.hardendurogermany.de/onlinenennung-isegrim-enduro-19-10-2019-uebersicht/
The field of participants promises to be high class again. There will be riders from 6 nations at the start, including participants from neighbouring Poland and Estonia for the first time. With Rene Jerbach from the capital Tallinn, the winner of the Sea to Sky qualifying race will arrive in the series. On the Turkish Riviera he surprised many with the best time, and he also recently became national champion in his home country Estonia.

Once again Florian Görner is a guest driver. The KTM Sturm rider was already at the start in Hamma and was able to win the junior class there directly.
But all eyes will be on the title fight. Robert Scharl leads by one point ahead of Leon Hentschel, so there is an open duel for the second championship title in the HardEnduroSeries Germany history. You will know who it will be by next Saturday when the HESG championship celebration starts at 8.15 pm.

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Foto: DG Design / Denis Günther & TK420 / Toni Keller
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