Ducati Diavel Diesel

The two Italian brands Ducati and Diesel have been working together for some time. Together they have now designed the Diavel Diesel

The Ducati Diavel Diesel is strictly limited

It is intended to combine elements from the past and the future.

There will be only 666 copies. Each is numbered accordingly.

Handbrushed steel, visible weld seams, rivets – that’s what makes your own look, your own character, a robust look. A little reminds me of the Diavel Diesel to the time machine from the intro of the motorcycle news.

The panel is decorated with a stylized pyramid at various points. On each of the three pyramid sides there is a D. This stands for Ducati, Diavel and Diesel.

In the pictures, however, I could not discover it. If anyone of you looks more please let me know

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