Distinguished Gentleman`s Ride mit neuem Termin

Until now, the worldwide Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride always took place on the last Sunday in September. Among other things, the special situation this year has caused the organisers to reconsider the date of the event.


In doing so, they are reacting to suggestions from participants of the DGR. Since the DGR takes place at the same time all over the world, especially riders from the northern hemisphere had difficulties to participate in the ride. With the new date for 2021 on May 23rd, it is hoped that altogether more drivers will be able to participate in the ride.


At the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, motorcyclists from all over the world will meet in elegant clothing in different cities. Afterwards a joint ride through the city will be started. The reason for the campaign is to raise awareness of prostate cancer and to collect donations for the fight against the cancer.

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