German company WUNDERKIND-Custom offers new accessories for Indian Chief motorcycles, including custom mirror mounts, engine cowlings, frame triangle covers and attractive tail parts. All products are made of high quality materials and meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Customized mirror mountings

The German company WUNDERKIND-Custom is continuously expanding its range of accessories for the Indian Chief models. Among other things, there are now special clamps that allow WUNDERKIND-Custom mirrors and other accessory mirrors to be mounted below the brake and clutch armature. These clamps match the original fitting perfectly in terms of appearance and offer a downward-facing mount for an M10x1.25 mirror thread. If required, the switch of a Jekill & Hyde flap exhaust system can also be attached to the left clamp.


Fancy cover for the frame triangle at the steering head

A precisely fitting cover now conceals the open cables on the frame triangle of the steering head from both sides. The design and finish of the cover are matched to the engine cover, creating a harmonious look.


Engine cover for protection and optics

WUNDERKIND-Custom has also developed a new type of engine cover that visually enhances the front area of the engine while protecting sensitive areas. A special mounting kit is included to install the cover.


New parts for a more attractive rear end

Additional accessories have been developed for the rear of the Indian Chief models. For example, there is now a rear reflector that can be integrated attractively into the rounded course of the original rear fender and is easily mounted below the end of the fender with an included mounting kit.


High-quality alternative for the belt cover

WUNDERKIND-Custom also offers a high-quality replacement alternative for the belt cover. The newly developed part can be easily exchanged for the original.


Quality and safety

All new accessories from WUNDERKIND-Custom have been developed in-house, made from high quality materials and tested to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. The custom parts comply with the StVO or have a parts certificate.


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