Craftsmanship and comfort combine in the Touratech comfort seat for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, which promises a relaxed riding experience on long distances and in everyday life.  This handcrafted seat offers optimal ergonomics, high-quality materials and thoughtful details for unparalleled riding comfort.

Perfect ergonomics meets craftsmanship

According to the manufacturer, the Touratech comfort seat for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure offers a perfect blend of precision craftsmanship and ergonomic perfection, designed to provide a relaxed riding experience on long-distance, off-road and everyday rides.  With a powerful V-twin engine, a robust chassis and plenty of luggage storage space, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure is designed for epic adventures.  To sit comfortably while doing so, there are the Touratech comfort seats.


High-quality foam core for optimum seating comfort

From the seat shell to the cover, these handcrafted seats have been thought out down to the smallest detail.  The foam core is not made of standard material, but is individually adjusted to the strength of the foam by the specialists at Crew68 in Murnau, Upper Bavaria, depending on the model and cushion thickness.


Model-specific seat core for the perfect shape

After a careful analysis of the production seat, the optimum shape of the foam core is determined in elaborate tests.  All weaknesses of the original are specifically eliminated, including annoying edges and a non-optimal inclination of the seat surface.  Like all Touratech comfort seats, the seat for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure has a precisely balanced tilt angle that supports an upright riding position.


Designed for riding comfort

The Touratech developers have prevented annoying forward sliding by designing the seat surface and have achieved relief of the coccyx by means of the typical cove.  The reduced crotch length compared to the original allows the feet to reach the ground more easily while the seat height remains the same.


Seat cover with Fresh Touch technology

The seat cover is made of a particularly high-quality, bi-elastic material with Fresh Touch technology.  This special finish of the material reflects sunlight more strongly, which noticeably counteracts heating of the seat surface.


Careful workmanship for durability

The seams of the cover have been carefully placed to avoid areas of particular pressure.  Unlike many manufacturers, Touratech seals the inside of the seams to prevent water from penetrating the seat core.


Sporty look and easy installation

The comfort seat for the 1290cc is a one-piece design and comes complete with seat shell, eliminating the need for a time-consuming swap-out process.  In homage to KTM’s corporate color, the stitching is in bright orange.


Available in three heights: Touratech comfort seats for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure

The Touratech comfort seats are available in three different heights for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure:

  • seat, low (part no. 373-5962) – 499 euros
  • Seat, standard (Art.-No. 373-5963) – 499 Euro
  • Seat bench, high (Art.-No. 373-5964) – 499 Euro


The Touratech comfort seat should be a first-class choice for anyone who wants to use their KTM 1290 Super Adventure for both long trips and everyday riding.  With a combination of precision craftsmanship and ergonomic perfection, it offers a relaxed riding experience and significantly improves riding comfort.


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