The motorcycle brand Zontes from China now wants to gain a foothold in Europe. The distribution on the German, Austrian and Italian market is taken over by Distibike, which belongs to Beta.

Chinese brand Zontes – now also in Europe

The first model to be sold in Europe is the Zontes 310, which will be available in four different variations. It is available as Naked Bike, Enduro, Cruiser and faired version. For the most part, they differ only visually, the data apply to all versions:

  • 312 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine
  • 35 hp at 9,500 rpm
  • 30 Nm at 7,500 rpm
  • Delphi injection
  • Bosch ABS
  • Aluminum swingarm and rims
  • Keyless operation
  • Remote control for tank cap and seat opening
  • Two driving modes: E (Economy) and S (Sport)
  • USB port
  • All models are EC homologated
  • Empty weight 145 kg
  • LED lighting all around

 The motorcycles are driven by a 312cc single-cylinder engine, which provides 35 hp (28 kW) at 9,500 rpm. The maximum torque of 30 Nm is at 7,500 tours. A maximum of 150 km/h should be achieved.

Features include 17-inch wheels, ABS from Bosch, two modes of ride-by-wire (Eco and Sport), USB port, keyless operation including remote unlocking of tank lid and seat.

Each model comes in three to five modern color variations.

Prices have only been published for Germany so far:

  • Zontes 310 R: EUR 4,650 + EUR 131 freight
  • Zontes 310 T: EUR 4,990 + EUR 256 freight
  • Zontes 310 X: EUR 4,990 + EUR 221 freight
  • Zontes 310 V: EUR 5,290 + EUR 155 freight.

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Zontes 310R

Zontes 310T

Zontes 310X

Zontes 310V

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