BMW feiert die Produktion der millionsten Boxer-GS, einer beeindruckenden R 1250 GS, die die ikonische Geschichte von BMWs meist geliebten und abenteuerlichen Motorrädern fortsetzt. Im Zuge der Feierlichkeiten zum 100-jährigen Bestehen der Marke erwartet uns bald die Vorstellung der R 1300 GS - eine Weiterentwicklung der legendären Serie, die mit ihren zahlreichen Innovationen verspricht, die Grenzen des Motorradfahrens erneut zu verschieben.

A milestone for BMW Motorrad: The millionth GS with boxer engine

On June 21, 2023, a very special motorcycle was manufactured in Berlin-Spandau: The millionth BMW GS with a boxer engine, a stunning R 1250 GS.  BMW motorcycles have a long history at the Berlin factory, dating back to 1969, with production of the distinctive GS models with boxer engines beginning in 1980.

These primal machines, known for their unparalleled all-round capabilities, have inspired countless motorcycle fans over the years to set off on adventurous journeys to far-flung lands and the most remote regions of our planet.  The latest generation of this now legendary BMW GS with boxer engine – the R 1300 GS – will be unveiled at the end of September 2023, during the grand opening of the new BMW Motorradwelt in Berlin.


The BMW GS with boxer engine: An icon of adventure

“With the R 80 G/S and its unique combination of on-road and off-road capability, everyday qualities and long-distance touring expertise, BMW Motorrad created the new motorcycle genre of touring enduros in 1980,” explained Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad.  The Boxer-GS became an unmistakable worldwide success in this category and quickly developed into a legend.  It became the mainstay of the BMW Motorrad range and its outstanding characteristics, such as sporty riding dynamics, robust off-road capabilities, superior long-distance comfort and impressive robustness, were continuously developed further and successfully transferred to other BMW Motorrad model series.

Dr. Schramm was enthusiastic about this milestone in the history of the BMW Group, especially in the anniversary year “100 Years of BMW Motorrad”.  He was also looking forward to the next exciting chapter in boxer motorcycle history with the new R 1300 GS and its numerous innovations.

The millionth GS, an R 1250 GS in triple-black style, was appropriately celebrated on June 21, 2023, during a gathering at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin-Spandau.


The new BMW R 1300 GS: Unveiling at the opening ceremony of BMW Motorradwelt Berlin

The celebrations for the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad are in full swing.  After the big party at BMW Motorrad Days, which will attract thousands of motorcycle fans from all over the world from July 7 to 9, 2023, the official opening of BMW Motorradwelt in Berlin is scheduled for September 28.  The long-awaited new BMW R 1300 GS will be unveiled at an exclusive opening event in this new “heart of the brand,” which is located right next to the BMW Motorradwerk Berlin-Spandau site.  Fans can follow the opening ceremony live via the social media channels of the BMW Group and BMW Motorrad.  From September 30, 2023, BMW Motorradwelt in Berlin will then be open to all visitors.


The BMW R 80 G/S: Pioneer of a new motorcycle segment

In the fall of 1980, BMW Motorrad introduced the R 80 G/S, a vehicle that combined two very specific areas of application: offroad and road.  What began then with a displacement of 798 cubic centimeters and 50 hp (49.3 hp, 37 kW) of power has evolved over more than four decades into the impressive high-tech touring enduro of the current BMW R 1250 GS.

Along the way, this has been complemented by state-of-the-art chassis technology and electronic control systems such as ABS, traction control, engine drag torque control and semi-active suspension.  Not least because of this constant and consistent further development, the BMW GS models with boxer engine have become the most sought-after touring enduros in the world today.

With this combination of tradition and innovation, BMW Motorrad has written a unique success story.  And as we celebrate the production of the millionth BMW GS with boxer engine, we look forward with excitement to the future, when the next generation of the legendary GS range, the R 1300 GS, will be launched.


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