BMW Motorrad, now also at TikTok

BMW Motorrad has now opened its own TikTok channel and would particularly like to address 16-24 year old users there.


TikTok is currently one of the fastest growing social networks. Most of the users create short videos with up to 15 seconds, which are played with a selectable background music.

BMW would like to be the first motorcycle manufacturer to take the opportunity to break new ground on the platform. They rely on content specially produced for TikTok. Authentic insights into the world of BMW, the products and the people behind it should be made possible.


Franzis BME019 67009 0 BMW R 90 S Boxermotor originalgetreues Modell, Bausatz mit schaltbarem 5 Gang Getriebe, über 200 Teile und Begleitbuch, bunt*
  • Über 200 Teile und Begleitbuch
  • Zusätzlich erforderlich: 3 x 1,5-V-Batterien (Typ AA)
  • 120 Seiten Begleitbuch in zwei Sprachen (Deutsch und Englisch)
  • Transparentes Gehäuse für einen Blick ins Innere
  • BMWmotor, Motorbausatz, Modellauto, mit Sound, Zündfunktion, original, BMW, Boxermotor, Modellbau, diy, Ingenieur, Motortechnik, Technik

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