This is how BMW sees the future of motorcycles

Because of the 100th anniversary of BMW, they also take a look into the future and show us how the motorbike could look like. 

The future from the perspective of BMW

Quelle: BMW
Quelle: BMW

The motorcycles should be technically advanced according to this future vision so that it is no longer necessary to wear a protective clothing. The motorcycles are networked and communicate with the driver. In this way, driving data, line proposals inclining oblique positions and so on are projected onto the spectacles of the driver. The motorcycle is to be optimized aerodynamically, which, although it looks more naked, offers the full protection of a fully clothed motorcycle and thus to protect the driver from rain and wind.

That’s why it is not necessary to wear a helmet. Without a protective clothing you can not get out. A thin suit can be worn, which in case of an accident in the appropriate places with air to fill the body to protect. It records the body data and automatically regulates the temperature for the well-being of the driver.

If too fast or the inclination is critical, the suit signals this by vibrations



What do you think of this future version? You can already see the trend today that everything has to be safer at all costs. Can this really go so far that it is so sure that you do not even need a helmet? Are you still the driver? Is it still motorcycling? What do you think?

Even if all this still looks like science fiction, you can imagine how BMW works behind closed doors. As recently reported, Kawasaki is also working on an artificial intelligence for the motorcycle to adapt it to your personal needs


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