The Aprilia RS 457 aims to reach a new generation of motorcyclists with a blend of sporting heritage and cutting-edge technology.  With a powerful two-cylinder engine and advanced safety features, the model sets new standards in the mid-sport segment.

Entering a new era: Focusing on the target groups of the future

Aprilia is expanding its sport-oriented RS family with a model that particularly targets young and future motorcyclists.  The RS 457 aims to set a new exclamation mark not only technologically but also stylistically.


Inspired by Aprilia’s sport philosophy

At Aprilia, the RS name stands for a long tradition of sporty motorcycles.  With the RS 457, the Italian manufacturer is building on its successful racing history and combining this with the technological advances already achieved in the RS series.  The project seeks to awaken enthusiasm for sporty motorcycles among a new generation of riders.


Michele Colaninno, CEO of the Piaggio Group, to which Aprilia belongs, commented: “In recent years, the Aprilia brand has seen an intense burst of renewal, also supported by continued progress in the racing world. […]  It is a step closer to the globalisation of a brand that has always had the perfect combination of technology, fun, and looking to the future in its DNA.”


Looks and design: a breath of fresh air for the younger generation

What immediately catches the eye of most is the impressive design of the Aprilia RS 457, which follows the legendary RS model line and presents aggressive yet elegant lines.  The double front fairing and the 2-in-1 exhaust with UnderEngine muffler are real eye-catchers.

But it’s not just about aesthetics: the full-LED front headlights and integrated turn signals not only give the bike a futuristic look, but also increase visibility and safety.  In keeping with the bike’s technologically advanced nature, the dashboard features a 5-inch TFT color display that clearly shows all important information.  Even the handlebar controls are illuminated, making it easier to operate at night or in low light conditions.

With such design elements, the Aprilia RS 457 clearly shows that it is designed to meet the needs and preferences of a younger, tech-savvy generation of motorcyclists.


Technical highlights: Performance meets lightweight construction

At the heart of the Aprilia RS 457 is a liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine with double overhead camshaft (DOHC) and four-valve timing that delivers an impressive 35 kW (about 47.6 hp, 47 hp) of power.  Due to a total dry mass of only 159 kg (about 350 pounds), which rises to 175 kg (about 386 pounds) when ready for use, the motorcycle offers an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.


The frame: Aluminum meets race-proven technology

Aprilia also remains true to its RS philosophy when it comes to the frame.  Made of aluminum, it meets all the requirements for the highest sporting ambitions.  The engine block serves as the load-bearing element, a construction method taken directly from the RS 660 model.


Brakes and chassis: Designed for sporty ambitions

The front brake on the RS 457 comes with a 320 mm disc and a radially mounted 4-piston ByBre caliper.  At the rear, a 220 mm steel disc provides the necessary deceleration. Additionally, there is a dual-channel ABS system with dual mapping.  For the suspension elements, Aprilia relies on a ø41 mm fork with 120 mm travel and a monoshock on the steel swingarm with 130 mm travel, both with preload adjustability.


Electronics: Modern technology meets tradition

The RS 457’s electronics equipment is on a par with that of a genuine sports motorcycle.  The ride-by-wire system offers three different riding modes that intervene in power, torque and traction control.  This traction control is adjustable in three stages and can even be deactivated.


Conclusion: A motorcycle for the next generation

The Aprilia RS 457 represents a blend of sporting tradition and cutting-edge technology.  It is designed to appeal to young riders who want to get to grips with sporty motorcycling without compromising on technology and design.  With the RS 457, Aprilia is closing the gap in its own RS range and at the same time setting new standards in the mid-sport segment.


Important equipment and features of the Aprilia RS 457

Engine and drive

– Two-cylinder engine with liquid cooling

– Double camshaft control (DOHC)

– Four valves per cylinder

– Output: 35 kW (A2 driver’s license compliant)

– Ride-by-wire system

– Three different riding modes

–  Quickshifter available as an accessory


Frame and chassis

– Aluminum alloy frame

– Engine block as load-bearing element

– Ø41 mm fork with 120 mm travel and preload adjustability

– Monoshock on steel swingarm with 130 mm travel and preload adjustability



– Front brake disc with 320 mm diameter

– Radially mounted 4-piston front ByBre caliper

– Rear brake disc with 220 mm diameter

– Dual-channel ABS system with dual mapping


Electronics and control

– Electronic traction control system, adjustable or deactivatable in three stages

– 5-inch TFT color dashboard display

– Illuminated handlebar controls


Design and ergonomics

– Double front fairing

– 2-in-1 exhaust with underbody muffler

– Full LED front headlights

– Integrated front turn signals in headlight design

– Sporty clip-on handlebars above the upper steering head plate


Tires and wheels

– 17-inch sport wheels

– Front tires: 110/70

– Rear tires: 150/60


Weight and dimensions

– Dry weight: 159 kg

– Wet weight: 175 kg


Other features

– Highest possible power-to-weight ratio in the A2 class

– 2-channel ABS with two modes of use: on both wheels or front only

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