As the world motorcycle association FIM announced, the steroid nandrolone was detected in a doping test by MotoGP driver Andrea Iannone.

The Aprilia driver was therefore immediately banned from all races bearing the FIM label. Iannone can now appeal the judgment or request a B-sample.


So far, Iannone sees the judgment calmly and reassures fans and his team. On Instagram he writes:

I am totally calm and want to calm my fans and Aprilia Racing.

I am available to any counter-analysis, but i`m surprises because I have – so far – not received any official notification.

Over the years and also this season I have undergone constant checks, which of course have always been negative, which is why I have complete confidence in the positive conclusion of this story.

I am totally relaxed and want to calm my fans and Aprilia Racing.

I am open to any counter-analysis that affects me, even if I have not yet received an official notification.


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