John McGuinness reports from the hospital

PACEMAKER, BELFAST, 16/1/2017: Guy Martin and teammate John McGuinness chat about the new CBR1000RR SP2 Honda Fireblade they will race in 2017. PICTURE BY STEPHEN DAVISON

As previously reported, John McGuinness had a serious accident at NW200’s trainings, breaking his right leg, 3 ribs, and 4 vertebrae. The fixator on the leg has now been installed by surgery and, as long as there is an risk for infection, he still has to remain in the hospital.

He was talking about what was actually clear. He will not compete at this year’s TT. If it is possible he will visit the TT, but that is still open. At the moment, he can only plan from day to day and he is also clear that it will be a long way until he is really fit again. He must be patient and take every day as he is.

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