The Schuberth SR1 has been around several years and it has real racing genes. Developed for and with Michael Schumacher. What experience do I have made with the helmet you read here. No laboratory tests but directly from the street, whether in light frost, rain, sun and warm temperatures.

[sam id=”51″ codes=”true”]For years, Schuberth is considered the “Best Brand” for motorcycle helmets. Reason enough to take a closer look to take the helmet for racers and sport riders, the SR1 under scrutiny. It promises indeed an incredible aerodynamics, but it may also keep its promises?

First, I write about my experiences and then there are the bare data over the helmet. Who‘s in a hurry, here the corresponding Anchor links:

Development Equipment Aerodynamics Ventilation Accessories Service

The SR1 in the practical test, my experiences

The season has just begun and even though we already had a few nice days, the weather was mostly not that great. But just optimal for the practical test of the SR1.

The helmet itself

Schubert SR1 Test (2)The helmet itself sits great, said always something arrives to the head shape. Since the SR1 is a racing helmet and it sits accordingly firming nicely. If you want to play it safe, then best to try on in the store.

The visor completes clean and tight. For other helmets I had partially the problem that has drawn at certain temperatures or seating positions in the helmet and caused an eye tears. I have the helmet now at subzero levels and already tested at about 20 degrees and it never came in a breath. Especially in cold weather I would have noticed immediately and here it is important. I was not frozen even without Balaclavas or whatever.

Schubert SR1 Test (9)Here I must also mention the ventilation, even if I will go into more detail on it. Is it closed also nothing comes through! For cold temperatures or rain a dream !!!

the Visor

Against fogging visor is protected by a Pinlock. The Pinlock is included here and can be mounted very easily. Simply peel off the backing and jam between the two fixing points on the visor. For this, the visor must be slightly bent. Exact instructions included.

Schuberth SR1 Helm
Quelle Schuberth

Function does the whole thing. I did it only once briefly brought to mist up when I had to stop at temperatures around 0 degrees at an intersection. Before that I was a bit faster on the road, am accordingly gymnastics on the bike and was out of breath. Frankly I breathed as n ox. When you come on at such temperatures so breathless? A slight mist in the state is really there to get over. Here I also had the visor ventilation closed. Possibly would have prevented it.

SR1 Stealth rot Schuberth reflektion (2)

For a racing attitude  (that really lying on the tank) may be the helmet is not too far to pull down since the attention is concentrated above. So if you something pushes the helmet chin upwards to improve visibility. By madness aerodynamic changes also nothing and the chin is still in the helmet” and protected, so it is not out.

The change of the visor is a breeze. Simply press the button on the right (direction) visor end and open the visor until it dissolves. The same is repeated on the other side. The order should note, since the handle on the visor is on the left.

Schubert SR1 Test (11)By operation with the left hand, the visor can be easily adjusted even while driving. The visor latch is located under the handle. This the bar needs to be moved. This work best with your thumb that works quite well. With other fingers has not been able to feel the lock and use it. As just take your thumbs and good

For city driving, if you do not want to have further opened the visor, the lock can also be used well to keep open a small gap. Open visor, close latch and pull visor until it locks down. This creates a small gap for fresh air. As far as one can talk in city traffic of fresh air. 🙄


Schuberth SR1 Helm
Quelle Schuberth

The ventilation of the SR1 can really something. Especially with my trips in the cold and in the rain, it has been found is that closed really closed! No breath of air came through. Even without Balaclavas, it was not cold at my head!

The visor ventilation should do what they should. I can not say exactly, as you can tell when it is open no breath. I mean absolutely positively! The air seems to be effectively run directly on the visor over, without it will be cold in the face. As I brought the visor only once in prior to fog I go of it out of the air does exactly what it should, and that seems really perfect!

If one makes the remaining vents (chin, upper head), you can feel a distinct cooling in the respective areas. Depending on speed and seat position to change.

In an upright position, the chin vent is mainly incident flow. At the top of the head you realize not much. If you go to a sporting attitude of the skull is great ventilated. Chin ventilation tears off when one lies behind the windscreen.

The Aerodynamics

Schubert SR1 Test (5)Here I can only say quite clearly an absolute dream! In short, you do not notice the helmet! A helmet was supposed to be easy so that the neck muscles is not too much load. The SR1 is not only light, through the aerodynamics it is almost no longer exists

At high speeds, it shows no slip up or whatever. It sits and stays in place! Even if you turn your head sideways to the significant pressure on the helmet increases only very slightly.

Even with passenger helmet is no oscillatory tendency. The head is therefore not thrown by the swirling back and forth. At high speeds, I have the not yet tested. With passenger or sociality but one is usually always go slower. smiley emoticons aufsmaul

Volume of the driving noise

Schubert SR1 Test (8)Substituting the SR1 on you could tell that it is a very quiet helmet. The dB I can not really test, but it’s a significant improvement to its predecessor helmet!

On the track, I was not even with the helmet. The lateral openings to make the helmet for the race track again a little louder, although I have tried briefly times. The sounds are clear and no longer sound quite so dull. It should work. A constant source of noise with which one could test it, I did not in the case, however.

The wind deflector

As for better wind and noise protection, the wind deflector (supplied) is recommended, and it was still quite cold, I have this installed. It is inserted only into the groove between the helmet shell and padding. Once positioned it holds, without problems.

Schuberth SR1 Helm
Quelle Schuberth

Initially I had some qualms when pulling or removing the helmet, because the entry” is somewhat narrowed. You is nevertheless wonderfully pure and out without removing the wind deflector. You touches with your chin briefly it. An advantage, especially in cold weather, it will definitely bring.

In the summer or if you want more often adjust the chin / cheekventilation but you should give it up. The deflector covers the adjustment. If the helmet is fitted, you can no longer use the lever. So you have to choose before driving the setting or take a short break and the gloves off in order to adjust here. In the summer, so rather do without the wind deflector.

The Double D

SR1 Stealth rot Schuberth reflektion (4)

The double D-ring fastener is easy to operate. The band is not so extremely long as with other manufacturers. At the end there is a push button to the excess tape to attach and secure. By slightly shorter tape is not created such a extremely large loop as with other helmets. The counter point for the button is fairly close to the helmet padding so that you only need a little get used to it here.

Test different visors for Schuberth SR1

I have the SR1 with clean (included) and dark tinted visor tested.

To clear visor there is probably not too much to say. If you look in the sun you should probably go with sunglasses, or to buy a darker visor. When driving at night, the clear visor is essential.

Schuberth SR1 Helm
Quelle Schuberth

The dark tinted visor do what it should. It acts like a pair of sunglasses. When driving during the day and sunshine a dream. Even on cloudy days there is no problem with this visor. In the twilights but you should not use it, since the view is a bit poor. When the speed is adjusts course no problem, but the slightly more sporting driving here is no longer recommended. Here we recommend the slightly tinted visor. Since it is not available to me I could not test it unfortunately. But since it is not as strong as the tinted dark tinted visor, it should fit here. Note: Tinted visors are provided according to the manufacturer exclusively for driving during daytime.

The mirrored visors, just like with tearoff I have not tested. I think this one also needs no description. The one it desperately needs and the other thinks this is nonsense



Background information about the Schuberth SR1:

The development of the Schuberth SR1

Schubert SR1 Test (4)Schuberth developed early in 2000 for the Formula 1, and soon a collaboration with record world champion Michael Schumacher has developed. “We want the best helmets in the world for the best driver in the world

With good give never satisfied, but always looking for the best solution” was the motto of Michael Schumacher and Schuberth.

As Michael left 2006 the Formula 1 and mounted the motorcycle engineers developed the Schuberth Racefor him, a 900-gram carbon helmet. Through the unique piece one came up with the idea for the first Supersport helmet for sports and racing drivers to develop.

Countless hours in the wind tunnel later evolved from a collaboration of Schuberth and Michael Schumacher the SR1.

The SR1 does not come off the assembly line, it is handmade. He needs about 7 working days for completion, and shall in the hands of 35 different employees.


Equipment of Schuberth SR1

Shell sizes:

XSS has a weight of 1,290 grams
ML has a weight of 1,350 grams
XLXXL has a weight of 1,400 grams

The SR1 is made of STRONG fiber and has a carbon reinforcement.

Schubert SR1 Test (7)The rear and side neck pad is made of silver reflective material to be better seen. In monochrome helmets without decor are also the Schuberth logos on front and back of reflective tape.


Comes the helmet with a clear visor. It corresponds to the optical Class 1. This means it is guaranteed a distortion-free and clear view. Pinlock ensures an anti-fog visor.

The visor shield has an average of 2.5 mm thick and the outside is coated anti-scratch. The visor is made of a specialcarbonate and therefore has high strength / toughness and impact and fracture.

It can be locked for racing.

Interior Features:

Schuberth SR1 Helm
Quelle Schuberth

The lining is made from COOLMAX, and is completely removable. Thus, it can be cleaned particularly well (hand wash). It is skin-friendly, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and very well insulated. It wicks away moisture very well. For optimum ventilation, it is skeletonized.

Ear Pads provide cushioned ear, these can also be changed if desired (optional). A wind deflector for the chin area and a breath deflector is also within the scope of supply.

Is secured to the helmet with a double D closure. This is in addition to the secured AROS (Anti-Roll-OffSystem).

For the SR1 the standard ECE 22.05applies

Aerodynamics of SR1

Schubert SR1 Test (5)The DForce spoiler at the rear of the helmet can be adjusted to 5 degrees, and can thus be adjusted to the driving speed or sitting position.

By high-performance aerodynamics of the SR1 also for very high speed is most suitable. The buoyancy of the helmet is 0! It is towards stability and no drifting.

[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]The optimal aerodynamics follows an optimized aeroacoustics. This means the helmet is very quiet. This is a concentrated driving, whether on the road or the race track, extremely important. Obviously this is on the circumstances, inter alia, the road speed, depends. As a little reference value: at about 100 km / h on a motorcycle without fairing, a value of 88 dB is achieved.

Ventilation of the Schuberth SR1

Schuberth SR1 Helm
Quelle Schuberth

Proactive Dynamic Ventilation System depending on the seat position and the driving speed varies the intensity of the ventilation. Maximum flow rate of more than 11 liters of air per second is achieved. The SR1 has a chin vent, a visor ventilation, vents for the upper head and vents at the back. All openings are adjustable so that they can be closed for cold temperatures. The visor ventilation ensures, as well as the Pinlock, for an anti-fog visor.

No real vents, but the SR1 also has two openings in the ear area. Here you can get around the race track for the very good noise insulation by opening them.

Accessories for Schuberth SR1

[sam id=”51″ codes=”true”]In addition to the various visors there in the known motorcycle accessory shops also a lot of accessories and spare parts such as: pillow, Pinlock, chin ventilation adjuster, ear pads, breath deflector, visor mount, visor opening handle, visor mechanism, upholstery, cheek pads, spoiler, wind deflector .. ,

Further information on the SR1 can be found on the Homepage Schuberth

The special service of Schuberth

Once you have decided for the SR1 you should log into the Schuberth Mobility Program is essential. In the event of an accident (confirmation of the police is required) you can get for only 1/3 of the price of a new helmet. This applies to the first three years from date of purchase (new purchase only from authorized dealers).

This applies to all C3 PRO, C3 PRO Women, S2, S2 Louis Special, S2 Sports, SR1, C3, C3 Louis Special, Lady C3, S1 Pro, SR1, R1 and J1. You have to login but before the accident at the program !!! this service I find really great!

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