Smart helmet from Intelligent Cranium Helmets

Many different companies have now tried their hand at smart helmets. The goal has been to integrate cutting-edge technology into the relatively small shell of a helmet that still provides optimal protection for the rider’s head.


Smart helmet

Intelligent Cranium Helmets is currently working on the iC-Rs+, a smart helmet that uses modular technology. This means you can swap out components at any time to customize the helmet according to your current needs.

A rear-facing 240-degree camera lets you see what’s happening behind you on the integrated head-up display. Combined with a forward-facing 120-degree camera, a complete view all around is provided. This also detects vehicles that are in the vicinity and issues warnings if a vehicle is approaching too closely or if you are too close to a vehicle.


Voice control

The various functions are to be controlled via voice control. This should make it possible to control the music being played, record the journey via the front camera or make an emergency call.

Connectivity with other drivers’ communication devices is to be part as standard equipment.


Money is still being raised

The helmet is currently still in development, but is expected to meet DOT, Snell and ECE requirements when it is ready for the market. To increase wearing comfort, it will also be equipped with five ventilation openings. 

The company is currently raising money to complete the project. Unlike other manufacturers who worked on similar helmets and were later never heard from again, Cranium Helmets promise to return all the money if the fundraising goal is not reached.

  • high quality
  • Part number: R-PHA-11_SUP-MC21_L
  • Passform: Universal Fit

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