Report from Glemseck 101 2014 incl. Photos and videos

One already in front, the Glemseck 101 was in 2014, a total success and I hope none of you missed it! Who but unfortunately missed it, but can at least now read more …

UPDATE: All videos come in the playlist on Youtube.

The event Glemseck 101

[sam id=2 codes=true]It is, as already written in the preliminary report, the largest open-brands motorcycle event in Europe. It was with great weather (did I even got a sunburn), incredibly well attended.

Admission was free, only the arriving cars were allowed to pay a parking fee of € 5 for the whole weekend or 3 € for the day. Bikes were of course free. The parking situation has become in between a little difficult, but who soon enough there was had no problem. A longer walk, but you have already take into account, but one can not avoid at the event anyway. 


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Where should I look out actually ???

At 3 km merchant mile one runs also like a little bit. At run-time one has namely not seen anything yet and you stroll liked again by … 

There were stalls from various manufacturers, customizers, trackday organizers, clubs, accessories suppliers … Too much to list to it. In between drove and always Visiter through the crowds to get on the campground, or customizers put their bikes to the show. 

No fan Attitude !!!

It happened that at one time one of the celebrities in attendance at one walked past. Horst Saiger I ran on the weekend more often on the way, and not only on the racetrack. Guy Martin also you could find on the normal site after the race. There is none quickly disappeared into his trailer! 

They also had absolutely no problem with giving autographs … An official autograph session, there was not with them. Nina Prinz and Katja Poensgen had announced signings. According to the program should be told to hire more signings. Of these, but I have not heard anything – but I may also have missed. 

I will therefore only say that even without an official autograph session, the Racer for autographs were willing. Sure they had other appointments (for example, the race go), so you had to also have understanding when things did not go. Basically, they have gladly done it. Can only emphasize that all drivers with whom I had to do or this week was absolutely nice guys. These are not lifted Stars !!! Guys like you and me … 


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The 1/8 mile race

101 Show-Runs; 101 Sprint International; 101 Cafe Racer Sprint 32; StarrWars…

[sam id=2 codes=true]Here some really was required. On the show race between Guy Martin and Horst Saiger you had to do without. Guy Martin had missed his ferry and arrived so late. He wanted his Martek Turbo against Horst, with a ZX 10R, compete. In the afternoon he came, but Horst at that time was not available and so drove Guy two races against another “victim”. Of these, one would actually have to start at a turbo-charged Martek with about 280 hp. The ZX 10R had 200 hp. OK, it depends on how you get the power to the road and how the power delivery is … But Guy Martin should probably already can handle it. He has thus only just won in Pikes Peak in his class, even though the motor controller has boycotted a clean run. (Article in the current “Fastbike”). But here he had the same problem again, but you can see the best the video. 

In between, the race had to be stopped because of a motorcycle accident near. The fire truck, which was parked on the safety, had the accident site. 

More I do not want to write to the race, just check the video to the part already on Youtube can be found, or are yet to come! This gives more than I could write here. The presentation of the driver of the 101 Sprint International you will also find in the video. Tim Schrick drove the way, later also. 

The after-show party

The campground joined at the event site, or was the same in near the stage, so that the evening party was assured. Run so you could not so easily after one or other nightcap. 

It was of course still offered a number of show program. Sorry I could not enjoy this because the driving distance was too long. I hope I can set me to camp there next year, then I can write something to it. 

Since I’ve seen but as the whole event was organized and what was offered everything, I’m sure the after-show party was just as awesome.

In the end I would like to thank for the great organization and a great event! Thanks also to the Motorrad Magazin MO (in particular Sabine Schermer) and Designer Steven Flier

See you next year at the Glemseck 101 2015!!!


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