Photos / Pics Glemseck 101 – 2015

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Glemseck 101 – 2015

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I have to apologize that photos of the races Franco vs. Alemand, Cafe Racer Sprint and Starr Wars Sprint missing. Glemseck 101 has the 10th anniversary not only organized a tribune, but also introduced changes for the press. All around you to allow viewers a better look at the races.


Unfortunately, the new concept did not work out and I managed not to create more photos or videos after the first races. Unfortunately I then had no clear view more on the race track. Of course I will also report this to the organizer. Glemseck 101 but would not Glemseck 101 if they did not try as quickly as possible to fix the problem as possible. 2016 I’m so determined to photograph and film all races again

I hope you comprehension!

Report and video report will be published soon – do not miss:


Videos Youtube —>

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