Do LED headlights really dazzle?

Many feel LED headlights as too bright, the ADAC has therefore now investigated different systems, with the result some dazzle really strong.

LEDs do not need much space, so ever smaller headlights and different types of headlights can be realized. However, light that is too bright can be dazzle, which severely limits the ability to see and therefore the traffic safety.


Often, lens projection systems dazzle, which are very compact but also emit a very bright punctual light. More pleasant for the eye is the Refektor technology. The light is first directed to a reflector, which then forms the light cone passing from the headlight. As a result, the light is flatter and more homogeneous, as well as a direct view of the LED is prevented.


The ADAC is of the opinion that with headlights not only the design should be crucial, but the traffic safety and thus a prevention of a glare effect should come in the foreground. They therefore advocate rather a large and homogeneous light.

For Ideal, they hold a combination of both systems. Reflector technology for the dipped beam and a bundled lens projection for the adaptive high beam.

(The investigation dealt with cars, much can be adapted to the motorcycle)


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