Bike & Music Weekend 2014 Geiselwind

If you read this, burns may be seeing the rubber in Geiselwind! Here you will find 13 times the Bike & Music Festival. Stunt, bike show, drag racing, burnout action, U.S. cars, live music, body painting, go-go girls, oil Cathen and of course bikes, bikes, bikes …

The smell of gasoline and rubber is in the air

BuM_Bodypaint_GirlsRight now (31.07.-03.08.2014) the air is burning in Bavaria. The Bike and Music Weekend takes place for the 13th time in the motorway Strohhofer, but overall it’s already the 19th

BuM_RocketCarInternational bike Customicer present their works. Multiple winners at Daytona, Sturgis and Faak be prize money of a total of 5,000, – € compete. This are top bikes guaranteed.

Burn-outs have in Geiselwind a very unique role. Harleys, Street Fighter, U.S. cars, dragsters, and even specially built structures burn their tires on the asphalt. Even a caravan makes with. Here, as elsewhere, the visitor is part of the show! Anyone who wants to can join in the burn-out competition.

BuM_RicardoDomingosMusic is written the whole weekend great. In indoor and outdoor stages all 15 bands will occur.

About the event next week is expected to be reported in detail, including a lot of images! On Saturday I will be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ … post the pictures all day long!

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