Your opinion / suggestions about article or events

If you have suggestions or requests, just send me an email by using the form below. Gladly you can draw my attention on an upcoming event, or invite to.

Unfortunately I can not come to any event to report about it. It all depends on my schedule and also on the distance to the event. I hope you understand that.

Your opinions on single articles you can send, or post it under the relevant articles.

Product test / product presentation at

You are a manufacturer, or distributes a product? You would like to test it by myself or let imagine? Basically, I’m willing to, but I say in advance that the article and possibly the video my opinion of the product is expressed honest. Nothing is glossed over here!

As you’ve already seen in my tests determined I write at great length and in detail about the respective product. I try to shed light on all aspects. Unfortunately I can not guarantee that this will always succeed.

Experience has shown that list my articles on Google very well. Until the test or the product presentation in Google can be found above, it may take some time (indexed in Google is quite fast, until it creates a new article up can sometimes weeks go by). Of course I can not guarantee a ranking in the top part!

Please clarify in advance whether an article or video is written or created about the product. Do I get a product without consultation I can not guarantee for a test or an presentation. The address to send in order products can be found in the imprint or can be requested here.


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