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Preliminary Glemseck 101 (2014)

In two weeks, it’s that time again, at 05-9.7.2014 starts the Glemseck 101 for 9th times. The brand and type of cross-open-air event is organized by the hotel Glemseck and the city of Leonberg (near Stuttgart). Rock, dealer miles and race – with free admission.

Meetings / Events

May 1, 2014 motorcycle meeting in Nürnberg

As every year the 1st of May Motorcycle Meet Nürnberg again On the motorcycle meeting in Nürnberg every year find thousands of bikers. There is no organizer and yet this year were 8,000 bikers because, despite the announced (and yet be dependents ) bad weather.

1.Mai Motorradtreffen in Nürnberg - Um ca. 9 Uhr - es ist noch n bissl was frei an der Tanke, viele parken aber schon auf dem Standstreifen